Saturday, June 5, 2010

All the rage summer cutouts

Did you girls ever consider stunning people through your back? Probably, even the most gorgeous dress you have in your closet creates a statement mostly through its front view. But what about its back? Are you tired of a mundane plain back? It's time to let your back speak for you. Cover your cleavage, you don't need it because what is hot right now is something that's all about your back story.




  1. Sooo cute! I just find the whole bra issue such a chore :( Im going to try and show my back more this summer though ;) <3

  2. I agree, one of my favorite dresses that I have has stripes across the back, is perfect and I can feel more comfortable in it!

  3. Oh I love the cut-outs...a true outfit inspiration dear!!!

    take care
    much love,

  4. Love the cut outs.. too bad its hard to wear them with certain bras.. but I still love them!


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