Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion Don’t: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Fashion

“Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People.” You must have heard the animal rights groups screaming loud to Mary- Kate Olsen whom they dearly call “Hairy Kate” and Ashley Olsen as "Trashley”. The animal rights advocates heavily criticize the twins because of their decision to wear fur and to use it in their fashion designs. However, I don’t wish to speak about whether or not they should stop promoting fur. Instead, I’d like to give attention on how they wear animal print.

If there’s one don’t that I haven’t mentioned on my style tip “how to wear animal print”, it’s that you shouldn’t wear matronly animal prints.

This cheetah-print blouse failed terribly to make Mary-Kate Olsen look like a 23-year-old trendsetter. It does, however, successfully make her look like a cast member of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey".

Mary-Kate Olsen attends the "Holy Rollers" premiere at Landmark'

I wonder if looking matronly can be in the genes. Seeing Ashley in a body-swallowing scarf, frumpy plaid skirt, and raccoon-like eye makeup, she makes a very good counterpart for her twin.

Ashley Olsen  attends the Belvedere Pink Grapefruit launch party

photos: OMG


  1. You're hilarious! Your comments about their outfits made me laugh out loud. :)

    Yeah, I totally agree these outfits are horrible. MK and Ashley could do a LOT better. Such a shame. With their money, they should look fab all the time! No excuse for bad fashion!

  2. Hi Gleenn,

    Such an interesting post, and I agree too, these oufits certainly don't do anything for them and makes them look older.

    Happy weekend

  3. A very interesting read. Especially since these twins are really what a lot of folks out there look up to... no matter what they throw on.

    This gear does really age them a rough pinch. Leopard is nice, but one ha to be careful in pairing it up.

  4. these are definitely not the best of mka


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