Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion tips: Covert flirt outfits

“I’m a flirt!” Some gutsy women’s tees scream these very texts. They’re daring, they’ve made up their mind and they’re comfortable with it. However, not that I’m not daring, but that I’ve decided I’ll never wear clothes with texts printed on it that challenge my personality so that I’ve included it in my Fashion Don’t list [here, it’s first in the list and that’s thanks to LiLo]. But then, does it mean that I’m anti-flirty? Of course not! I actually recommend it to girls. Be flirty but be skilled on it. When you’ve harnessed that skill, people won’t notice – at least right away – that you are indeed flirting. Haha! Sometimes, it’s not the most beautiful girl that captures the heart of Mr. Right. Sometimes, it’s the best flirt.

So how to we flirt in the most covert way? One way that I recommend is of course, through fashion but not with the use of cheap texts, instead, with the use of bows.


Fashion forward yet feminine.
Featuring Moshi's signature "Whitney Bow" printing, this ruffle-embellished tank dress creates divine feminity with sprinkles of flirty look.



Feeling tickled pink? Yes, that phrase is so overdone and I wonder if the I am Fashion girls were the originals of it or if they only just picked it somewhere for the title of one of their lastest posts before they bade farewell, but hey! wearing pink is actually being girly. And with that, we need not debate the motion "This house believes that a man's greatest need is a woman." It goes to the government side with a trashed margin. Such a motion would be the debate, when that pink top comes with a bow.


Who says you shouldn't date a colleague? I did and I actually wrote an article about "Why shouldn't you?" but highlighting the cons - which is uderstandable - because during that time I was trying hard to pen down what I learned from my failed relationship, if you could call so, with a colleague. But there are also many successful relationships and marraige which bloosomed from work. Again, I take the same stance. It isn't wrong to go flirty at work as long as it isn't vulgar so that the entire workplace watches.

Do not be afraid to go flirty through fashion at work. This Striped Bow Trim Knit Top would make your version of covert flirt and it might make a difference for your love life.


What a statement from Valentino. Thin strap across the toes and black bowdetails. Magnificent? You may dare to color your toenails with black, or the seductive red, however, I'd prefer mine natural. I'd rather leave the flirting to my shoes.


  1. the first look with the bow in hair and on the dress is too cute!

  2. ohhh I love bows! That first pic is so adorable.


  3. Great flirty outfits - love the bows!


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