Friday, July 16, 2010

4 Essential Steps of Hand-Washing Your Shawl to Keep it Clean and New

Hand washing a shawl makes the garment clean and always looking new. By thoroughly soaking it in a lukewarm water with the right washing detergent, rinsing it slowly with cold water, removing the excess water with a towel, and drying the shawl on a flat surface away from direct heat - you will have a clean and new looking shawl.

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To keep you precious shawl always clean and looking brand new, hand washing it with the correct procedure is very essential. Follow the exact steps in washing your shawl to ensure utmost care while hand-washing:

Soak in a lukewarm water with the right detergent

Thoroughly dissolve the correct detergent such as hair shampoo in lukewarm water and carefully soak the shawl for about fifteen minutes or until the soil and dirt are loosened from it. Gently pat the heavy stains that will remain after soaking with a clean wash cloth. You can also use hair conditioner when rinsing the shawl to make it even softer.

Rinse the shawl with cold water

Once the shawl is perfectly clean from stains and dirt, rinse it using a cold water. soak it with a cold water and rinse it over and over until it is free from the soap. You will know that it is already soap free when the cold water is already clear from bubbles and soap residue.

Remove excess water with a towel

To remove water, gently squeeze the shawl and lay it flatly on a clean towel. Roll the towel to squeeze out excess water over and over until all the excess water is remove. Never directly wring or twist the shawl because this will ruin their form.

Dry the shawl on a flat surface away from direct heat

To dry, lay the shawl flat on any clean surface and away where it is not exposed directly to sunlight or heat. You could dry it indoor such as your laundry room. Take a damp piece of cloth and use this to press the shawl with for ironing. Never hang a shawl to dry and press the cloth with a cool iron.

Furthermore, do not use any product with bleach when washing and always wash colored shawls separately. Following these hand washing steps will guarantee a clean and fresh looking shawl which is a great statement in addition to your fashion sense and style. Clean shawls protects you from the cold, and provides comfort while maintaining the warmth of your body.

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