Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Barbara Palvin wears leopard print

I remembered that three months ago I wrote a style guide which I deem one of the most useful articles that I had written about styling. This opinion of mine was confirmed when I discovered that even Manolo the Shoe Blogger found the article amusing and was kind enough to share the link to his readers. "How to wear animal print" is a list of what's Yay! and what's Nay! in wearing leopard, tiger, zebra or any animal print. If you want to get amused too, you better check the guide.

Tonight is one of those nights, when I sit in front of my laptop wanting to write but with nothing to write. So what I do when those nights come? I surf and visit other blogs, read online magazines and surf more hoping that I might stumble upon something that inspires. But when the muse is too stubborn, I end up wasting my entire night procrastinating. That can be a very bad night.

However, I thought that I better scan my old files. And when I did, there yah go, I saw Barbara Palvin lying down the rocks with mesmerizing eyes urging me to write about her.

So this is how Barbara Palvin wears leopard print. Other than the hat and the belt, everything in her outfit is leopard. Now girls, I'm sure that we understand the difference between the editorial outfit and the ones that we can actually wear in the real world. Even if I honestly love everything in this outfit, I still believe that if you don't wish to look like a jungle wild lost in the streets, you better stay away from going animal from head to toe.



  1. agree, only looks good in print:)

  2. That is gorgeous. I wouldn't have thought you could wear different leopard prints together, but it looks really good on her.

    Thanks for your question! I'll be answering it soon in an upcoming post!

  3. Works in print...not in person. LOVE the photo and animal prints. I stick to one piece at a time. Loved your piece on the subject!

  4. Only in magazines can models get away with full leopard/animal print. Sigh. But I must admit my favorite way to wear any animal print is to use a dash of it with my outfit. Either a coat or a scarf or a purse...

  5. This is such a sophisticated rendition on leopard print!

  6. This is totes leopard print done right - love it!! :)

  7. Going all leopard is rather a tempting of an idea... Wow!


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