Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm cleanin' out my closet!


Two days I had spent window shopping. But in fact, they weren't supposed to be window shopping. I need new working clothes for another round of school year. Summer vacation is almost over and in a matter of four days, it's back to work.

Something that I rarely do is giving my closet a complete clean-up. I'm a very sentimental person and I tend to hold on to things that I love as long as they last. It applies even to clothes. It takes a lot for me to let go. I convinced myself that some clothes that are old had already served their purpose and thus have to go. It even takes more to convince me to let go of stuff that had not been worn or that rarely had seen the world. I psyched myself that if a cloth has not been worn as often as it should, then it has to vacate the closet too. I did a thorough cleaning and whew! it amazed me how much clothes I have to get rid. They all could fit in three over sized luggage and I really have to squeeze them tight to compress.The process was hurting. However, after it was over, it made me feel good. Now my closet is ready to take in new stuff. It has more space.


I have to start with the working clothes. Anyway, those are more important for the moment. So I was excited to go shopping. I and my girl friends set a date. You know, shopping is more exciting when you do it with your girl friends. But sigh! First day we went out, we did not meet our goal. I went home with only a new purse and two winter scarves for my fiance.

Joy, Daisy and Me

I went again for the second day, this time alone. I've searched in and out of the biggest malls in the heart of the city, but sigh! again. Every boutique and every mall are having grand sale mostly 20%-70% both for the high end designers and the high street. Yet too bad, there is nothing that fancy me. Sure the piece might be 50% off, say the original was 2,990baht [$92.80] and after the discount they sell at 1, 495baht [$41.40]; but girl, if you don't like the style, do you have to force yourself to buy it just because it's on sale? Of course not! I cannot afford another luggage of rarely used clothes.

I wonder if it's just me or is it really that most of the designs available in the city right now are not my type? If there are good ones that can make me nod, just nod but not gasp, they aren't on sale and they are quite expensive for a frugal shopper like me.

I pray that I can still find good clothes that would make me happy, after all I'm running out of time, and that they are just within the budget. I guess, this is the down side for a girl who says, I'm a shopaholic no more!



  1. which reminds me to clean up my closet too. it's stopping me from buying more coz i feel guilty that there's too much in the closet, which dates back to oh never mind =)


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