Thursday, July 1, 2010

Steal Barbie’s Pink Boots via Old Gringo

It must be my love for Barbie dolls that made me lean more towards pink; however, I must confess that either going kind’a plain Jane just for the sake of pink or going too pinky manifesting a doll’s outfit is not really my style. It’s either Jane belongs in the jungle or a doll belongs in a playroom. But wait, I discovered very recently Old Gringo and their collection of pink cowboy boots.

Old Gringo created a new definition of pink not as a color but as a fashion statement by itself. Not only did they create adorable boots in different shades of pink, they also crafted their boots with a goal of merging together style and comfort. Perhaps their designers believe that girls are not meant to suffer just to look stylish.

Determined to bridge the gap between western style and pure fashion, Old Gringo created designs that are original collection of vintage and retro styles. Take a look at these pink boots that I picked from their rich selection of boots and booties. Give close attention to their details, shade of leather – just how perfect the leathers were tanned, and how carefully these boots were crafted.

Don’t worry girls, wearing these pinks won’t make you look like a doll that belongs in a playroom, not at all, but these boots would definitely echo your mind, that you take style very seriously!


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