Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fashion Don't! Katie Holmes Fashion Faux Pas?

There's this video of Hollywood's Most Well-Dressed Mom-Kid duos by Shine featuring the top five most fashionable moms and their stylish kids. Guess what? Katie Holmes topped the list along with her daughter, Suri. I've no question about that. Katie undeniably wears cute outfits and Suri evidently knows how to style in spite of being only four years old.

However, there is something that troubles me tonight. It's this troubling outfit that I spotted on her -- consisting of a bold button-down, baggy boy jeans, and granny shoes -- while she was in and about LA.

Tell me girls. Are you as troubled as me upon seeing this outfit? Should we add this to our Fashion Don't! list?

Katie Holmes


  1. Well, I usually love Katie and Suri. They are so sweet, but this was definitely not her best choice...It's not a total desaster, but she could do better.
    xoxo from

  2. She is terrible! she totally ruined the boyfriend jean look

  3. Hi Gleenn,

    Great post and yes, certainly not a style I would be wanting to follow.
    What I find amazing the money that a lot of the celebrities spend on their children's clothes.

    Have a great weekend

  4. The fit is terrible on the denim. I think that's really my only problem with it.

    Love Grace.

  5. The problem here is definitely the jeans. They're so unflattering on her!

  6. That's not a good look on her. She's a very pretty girl, and when she gets it right, she looks phenomenal.

  7. I like the shirt because the colors are pretty in it. But it's those awful jeans that really ruin the outfit. Ew.

  8. Those jeans are a bit TOO boyfriend for my taste!

  9. Ahh, I'm not a fan of the look. Katie usually looks so great.

  10. Sometimes she dresses up really great but I really do not know why? maybe she get lazy dressing up....

    I thought she has a fashion stylist or an assistant...besides she is a star right?

    oh well, I do adore her daughter.

    I was a fan of Katie way back Dawson's Creek...

    take care love

  11. she does dress well all the time

    follow if you like what u see?


  12. Not a fan of this look either... Those shoes kill me. I'm sorry for sounding mean!! Pruxxx


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