Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should a budget fashionista get this dress or not?

If you are a budget fashionista, you probably must have found yourself in situations where you are in need of new sets of outfits but that when you shop, you are reluctant to spend your money. You searched for clothes that are entirely worth your hard earned money or perhaps you cleverly hunt for bargains and clearance sales. Unlike some extravagant fashionistas who behave like nouveaux rich, you don't feel ashamed but instead glory for fashion stuff you grabbed from clearance racks.

If you are a budget fashionista who wants to buy new clothes while at the same time save some money, you might want to check Tory Burch online boutique. They have everything that you'd need from apparels to accessories  and beauty products all at affordable prices. They also have discounted items that you can check at their SALE page whenever you visit their site.

On another note, I found this dress kind'a must-have weeekend-pick-me-up. I love it's vibrant color and its pretty leafy patterns in black. It looks comfy to wear while its cut around the neck and its sleeves are perfect for girly look. You can wear this dress with a black fitting trousers and black pointed close shoes for work, wear it with black tights and black knee-high boots for winter completed with a vibrant hue scarf, or you can dress it down with a pair of gladiators or some edgy yellow shoes. This dress is definitely a statement.

Tory Burch

Looking at the price of this Tory Burch Harriet tribal-print silk-satin dress, my claims were affirmed. A good $425 is indeed a statement!

Now tell me girls, would you buy this dress the moment you see it or would you wait until it goes on sale? The good side of buying it right away is that you're sure to get a dress your size. The down side of waiting for it to go on sale in spite of saving some money is that your size might run out of stock.


  1. Wait for the sale! But that's only because I'm a girl with a stubborn wallet.

    Love Grace.

  2. That dress is absolutely lovely, but I would definitely wait until it went on sale. Unless I was a millionaire, I couldn't justify spending $425 on a dress...sigh. :P

    I hope you're having a good weekend! xo

  3. HEY! When I use to try and look up your blog I couldn't! But I found it somehow?! That's kinda crazy...
    Anyhow, I say wait. :)
    I love your blog!
    New follower for sure!

  4. I don't splurge on clothes... bags, yes! A $425 dress is too much for me, add a few hundreds and I can buy me a good quality designer bag.

  5. PS... it's a lovely dress but I say, wait for it to go on sale. xoxo

  6. Love this dress, but would definitely wait for it to go on sale :)

  7. It is pretty snazzy, but I hardly buy anything over $20, so I wouldn't. :]


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