Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extremely high heeled shoe with chopped outer sole

I was window shopping when I saw this pair of Lyn shoes. They looked adorable and definitely stylish to me. I tried them on and checked if they're possible to navigate around, they seemed fine. It was a season of crazy sale for most big malls in the city therefore seeing the shoe available at 70 percent off was not very surprising. I thought and thought, should I get them? It seemed ages before I made up my mind. Of course, I brought them home.

When the time came that they had to say hello! to the world, I paired them up with a fabulous polka dots mini dress. Unfortunately, these babies were not as easy to navigate as they were in the shop. I was losing balance every after few steps, very humiliating. The heels are 4 inches long and my feet are only size 5. You can imagine. But I don't blame the difficulty of walking to the heels, no, but to those tiny outer sole at the front. Take a look at it carefully. These partial outer soles make navigation of high heels extremely difficult because the shoes barely able to balance the weight they carry.



  1. They are absolutely fabulous!
    Thank you for your lovely comment to my last post :)Hope you have a great day!


  2. just like nicholas kirkwood's shoes.

  3. Very cute! :) I love wearing high shoes because they make me taller. Lol. But yes, they are VERY difficult to walk in. Just takes practice, I guess. Good luck! xo

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting SHE! We appreciate it :)

    These are killer heels! <3

  5. You are my hero! I would never dare to wear them. They are gorgeous, but I can see myself falling left and right. :-))) I am a dreamer, I have been known to trip on my own thoughts while wearing flats!:-) I love sky high platforms, I feel more comfrtable in them.:-)

  6. Oh my those are just gorgeous ! And yes I also have some troubles wearing heels but just worth it :D

  7. oh so sorry that you can't wear them... they are too gorgeous!


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