Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Vs. Billionaires

I read today that the secret of most billionaires in accumulating wealth is frugality. Several noted billionaires downsize their expenses preferring to take public transportation over limousines driven by chauffeurs; or if possible, choosing to walk. Most of them buy their clothes over racks when in fact they can afford to buy all designers clothes. Some of them refuse to buy plenty of shoes reasoning that you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time. And for every shoes they buy, they make sure that they wear them down to the ground. Read the 7 Spending tips from frugal Billionaires.

photo: weloveit

That made me think. I'm no billionaire but I aim of buying designer clothes and collecting lots of shoes. Just take a look at these pair of boots that I covet. I love to see my bank account increase its notes each month, but I love to see the number of my shoes increase as well. I'm sure you girls understand this crisis I face? :)


  1. i think every girl has this problem, haha!

  2. One pair of shoes? I'm all for saving, but that's brutal!

  3. I like the post!
    And yeah, I don't have that problem. Mine is more, I buy too many cheap stuff, because it's cheap. But I have been working on that... :) Although, someday I will have a designer bag...


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