Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to dress a curvy body

When we look at the runway or the glamor magazines, we see lots of fashion inspirations from thin shape fashion models - how they dress and how they get prettified. However, there aren't as much fashion tips for women who are blessed with curvaceous built. While slim or petite figures are much easy to dress up, to flaunt fashionably a curvaceous figure is kind'a challenging, or so we thought.

Not anymore! Kim Kardashian is one of the few women who are proud and comfortable with their curves. Instead of hiding those yummy assets with baggy clothes, Kim handles the challenge of topping her curves efficiently. Her secret? Wearing dresses that fit her body perfectly.

Kim Kardasian believes that to highlight your assets when you are curvy, you've got to use some simple tricks.

Find a great tailor

Accentuate your waist

Avoid oversize tops and dresses

Embrace your shape

Read her Tips for Dressing a Curvy body.


  1. All wonderful tips for the pearshaped gal :)

  2. YOu picked a great mdoel for this topid. I love kim kardashian and her other family members and her show

  3. Awesome tips for those of us with a little meat on our bodies. Lol. Love these photos of Kim. She's gorgeous! :)

  4. Great post. I am a curvy girl in the back! And so glad that designers are starting to take notice.

  5. Hi Gleenn,

    This is great advice and I like the pictures of Kim.
    I like what you say about embracing our shape.

    Happy week

  6. Nice post!! I think a lot of curvy women tend to shy away from belts because they think they are too tight and restricting, but they really are a curvy girl's best friend! They define your waist so perfectly and are very flattering.

  7. She rocks a belt like nobody's business!

  8. love the tips Gleenn, I do consider myself pear-shaped because of my hips and I got this from my grandmother's unbelievable spanish asset...but I guess curvy girls do rock!!!!



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