Thursday, September 16, 2010

New trends, Drape Cardigans

I've been noticing this new trend lately, I go to malls and there must be at least one mannequin wearing a version of it or so. It can be sleeveless or long sleeves, knitted or completely cotton, probably white or gray but usually black, and draped - we call them drape cardigans.

I first saw them in a version of sleeveless, long and draping down the legs of my friends who went to shop one evening without me. They fell in loved with the cardigans immensely that after a while of negotiating with the vendor [they found it at a night market shop] bought the cardigans in spite of its expensive price. Both of them had exactly the same style in black. When they wear their drape cardigans, I feel a bit left out in style.


I love this drape-open knit cardigan from Alice and Olivia. Knitted and with open shredded pattern and long sleeves, it looks very relaxing to wear. It comes in black.


Another drape cardigan from Alice and Olivia is this Straight Jean, Petite. It is made of organic cotton, gray in color, three fourths sleeves which are actually rolled cuffs, simply beautiful.

Word of advice: Drape cardigans would work best if worn with a pair of fabulous tights.


  1. oh lovely favorites Gleenn...

    now I have to find some cardigans just like that at a very convenient price hahhaha



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