Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Important Features to Look For in a Rug to Make Your Room Look Fabulous

Hunting for the best runner rugs that will complement your room won’t be so hard once you look for the following features: color, texture, size and shape, material used and design.

Rugs are excellent room/floor decorators. But, searching for the right rugs seems like a chore for there are so many kinds to choose from. This shouldn’t be done in a hurry if you really want the best ornament for your home. The features below will serve as a guide to help you find the perfect rug you've been looking for.



The first feature to look for is the color of the rug. It shouldn’t clash with the hue of the walls itself. The flooring should also be taken into consideration. Bear in mind that the color of the furniture should also be counted. Colors can play tricks in one’s mind such as choosing bland and pastel colored rugs to give off a spacious vibe. Darker and deeper colors endow are room with a cozy feeling, a warm atmosphere and a sense of relaxation. On the other hand, if you prefer rugs decorated with bold patterns with intricate designs, this would best fit with simple and monochromatic furniture. To avoid putting your guest into confusion, take the stated guides into thought.



Another way to affix a certain kind of feeling is through the texture of a rug. If you prefer a soft and cozy feeling, a fluffy-looking rug in pastel colors would fit this specification. Then again, some prefers a sophisticated look. This can be attained through choosing a rug with elaborate patterns. If you fancy a mod style of room, a rug of monochromatic hue will suit best.


Size and Shape

The size of a rug should depend on the area you want to cover. You don’t want to make you room look packed. A room should always have a welcoming vibe, not a suffocating one. Modern area rugs come in different sizes and shapes. There are ones for a long hallway, for round tables, to name a few. Don’t lose hope because there is always one out there that would be perfect.


Material used

Before purchasing a rug, check on the material used with a keen eye. Hand-woven rugs are of the best quality since each strand is tightly interlaced. Also, examine the back portion of the rug. If the pattern at the back is seen, then that rug deserves a thumbs-up. Reversely, if the back portion is covered with a cloth-like layer, expect that it wouldn’t last long because after some time, it will leave a cotton-like residue on the floor. Good looks plus quality equals perfect choice.



There are loads of runner rugs to choose from. The advantage of modern area rugs is that each one is not exactly identical to the other. A distinct way to reveal your true personality is how you decorate your home. Styles like Persian rugs and Oriental rugs pose a great deal of choice. The appealing plus to rugs is that you may settle in two or more so long as it will match the natural ambiance in your room.

Gaze at your room for a few seconds and think about what areas you would like to focus on. What’s unique to rugs is that each perspective gives a cool vibe.

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  1. aww rugs...hahaha with the size of my pad...i think this is perfect for me...but then again I have to decorate my pad before christmas...I just need to prepare it...for the holiday season...


  2. Well I may have to go and get a new runner, since last boyfriend pulled up my area rugs, gave a favorite navy & cream Pottery Barn runner away!! So I gave him away!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Great ideas and tips! I have been wanting to get a rug for the dinning room- thanks! :)

  4. Thank you for th wonderful advice!I would never think that so many things go into consideration before purchasing the rug. I have no hope of getting one since I have 3 dogs and 5 cats. We have wood floors...But one day I am dreaming of having a white rug!!!:-)

  5. yah finding a rug is harder than one would imagine, thanks for the tips!

  6. great room pictures!


  7. I loved all these photos! They made me want to redo my room!

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