Sunday, October 24, 2010

6 winter coats you must try on

I tracked my traffic record and found several searches about winter layering. It dawned on me that I've quite a number of posts on summer essentials but not much about winter fashion. Did a little research and found out that most people are actually looking for "coat" inspirations. Coats for winter, sounds logical.

Here are the 6 fabulous coats that I'd recommend for winter.


"The fox-fur coat paired with washed-tweed cigarette pants is a modern mix of utility and rock." ~ Marie Claire


"Inspired by traditional Italian menswear, the newly proportioned suits in warm coat, sensual fabrics impart a feeling of protection and aristocratic elegance." ~ Marie Claire


"A coat that's Poetic, opulent, and upbeat, with a disheveled British elegance, as always, at the core." ~ Marie Claire


Dress like you're in early twenties with touch of maturity. Manage your coat. WeFashion!


Sport that elegant punk look. Such irony! Whatever. Wefashion!


Oh! And don't forget to play with colors too. Winter coats are not meant to be dull and boring. See that scarf! Hell, looks.

One of my readers has pointed it right, I tend to blog about items ridiculously priced. And she buys it. That's what we're supposed to do. If we can't afford them, let's dream about them. And let them inspire our creativity.

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  1. The second and third looks are my favorite!! :)

  2. Love these coats. They're all so lovely. I still need to buy a winter coat!

  3. :) xoxo. I want the entire Elegant punk look.

  4. looking at the coats...I just remembered the coats at F21 plus the leather jacket hahahah PERFECT!!!


  5. Great stuff! I'm getting a kick out of reading blog.

  6. i really enjoyed looking on the images. . i love these coats.=)


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