Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion Don't! My fashion faux pas ...

I used to have regular posts on Fashion Don't Celebrity Outfits. I search for outfits that make eyebrows rise and then ask you if it's a fashion faux pas or not. Answers may vary but majority usually demand to add them to our Fashion Don't list! And yet, when I saw the post of Erika, the photo of her as a girl before she was a fashionista, it made me realize, I have my own share of fashion faux pas. In fact, tons of them. So why not share even one?


I can't help myself but laugh when I saw this photo after like 6 years. It really is funny to see my style before the fashionista days.I wore only Jag for jeans and I thought I was cool. My bag can only be JanSport backpack or sling. I made a promise to myself that even though I'll grow older, I would never carry handbags and shoulder bags that are so girly-like. I'd carry only JanSport.

I checked my closet tonight and saw no JanSport bag. I believe I didn't have JanSport for years now.

Boy, see those shoes?!

If you too have your own story of fashion faux pas, submit them at BYWH - Before You Were Hot!

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  1. Aww, haha. It's so crazy how fashion changes over the years! (:

  2. ahah, i remember that I made too a thing like that. But now you 're amazing!


  3. ah I love these post....oh well Glee rememeber those were the styles before...hahaha so whether we like it or not...those were considered hawt!!!!


  4. Aw you look cute, I think we all dressed like this a few years ago I know I lived in running shoes for years!

  5. I don't even think it's a fashion faux pas, just a comfortable, not very fashionable, sensible look.

  6. Fashion changes so quickly! And our sense of style really does up up fast!

    Just Better Together

  7. It's so funny to see people years before! It is also funny to see how far you, or another person, has come with your fashion sense..and also how fashion changes!

    Thanks for the comment, by the way!


  8. LOL- those look like Mom Jeans too... I don't know if I have any pictures of me with fashion faux pas... But I remember some of them! I wore colorful cowgirl button down shirts when I was a little girl- hahaha

  9. прекрасный блог!))

  10. trends come and go and we change with them. but you looked so cute:))

  11. Omg, I spent my first 6 semesters at the university running around like this.... Not really fashionable but hey..!! sooo comfy hehe

    Have a great week!

    Times Like Mine

  12. i think we all look back at pictures and think :S

  13. I think you are being a bit hard on your self. While you weren't exactly avant garde or on-trend, there is nothing unstylish about your outfit. Your outfit may not standout as gorgeous, but it isn't hideous either. It's just normal :)

  14. Nice blog you have here sis. Are you open for exlink? thanks

  15. It's really not that bad. I'm sure I beat you in this department.


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