Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Should you play bingo for fashion?

Yes, the Sex and the City is dead. But no, it wasn’t the press who killed it. The somewhat akin to Elvis Presley, this almost legendary franchise series is actually killed not by no brainer fashionistas but by stay-on-their-guts stylish recessionistas who saw the thickening of the wardrobes of these New York besties entirely unaffordable. But did you know? That many of these same recessionistas who killed the SATC are actually turning to online bingo as a way to support their fashion needs? How true?

photo credit: weheartit
According to reports, it’s the women who already got a hold of their fashion sense that get involved in bingo fashion – those middle aged or older women. They play for fun, sure, but they also take chance to earn more for quick, easy funds and thereby shop for their fashion essentials. All these are thanks to an easy access to the internet. They shop online. At the same time, they play bingo online.

Aside from fashion reasons, a lot of people participate in betting or gambling because of more serious objectives: to win and become instant rich. However, while there are stories of overwhelming wins, the odds of winning are actually very and extremely less. But why is it, that despite this known fact the number of people who play bingo and other forms of betting is still enormous? Clearly, we cannot rule out the fact that human loves to take chance in whatever ways possible for either money or fashion.

On a lighter note, it is sweet to know that some celebrities play bingo for a more valuable cause – for charity. If they are not at work or if they are not shopping, they fashionably play bingo anyway, so why not use the proceeds to support the foundations that protect and respect animal rights? British pop star Robbie Williams, for example, is one of a host of celebrities involved with Legendary Bingo, a weekly fundraising event held in Los Angeles to help the Voice for the Animals Foundation. Would such an act justify the nature of gambling? Process that question on you, girls, but take note, celebrities must have lots of money to bet.

While it is fashionable and fun to play online bingo, still, I have not and I don’t plan to try it out. There were two instances when I saw figures clearly in my dreams and woke up sweating. I thought of stories I heard in the past that the numbers that win the betting are usually those seen in dreams. But I was not even moved to go out and play the game. I prefer to save my money.

What are your thoughts on fashion and bingo, girls? Have you ever tried playing online bingo?

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  1. Wow that is REALLY interesting!! I had no idea this was going on. I'm not sure I would play bingo for fashion either, but I think it's pretty creative. Lol.

  2. I tried before my dear...but losing a game for just one night is hard to imagine...I always think of the possibility I can buy with a thousand pesos betting money...even though I usually play smart and bet my small cash and every time I double it...I usually do not take chances anymore...

    so I think that is the most safest way in gambling hehehehe..I am not much of a fan but if the money provided is free and not from my hard-earned cash then I might change my mind...


  3. Sounds a bit scary to me.:-))) I do not think I would ever go that far, although "never say never", but I can definatly understand how one can be seduced by the idea. Fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. I have never before heard of fashion bingo - what a creative idea! :)

  5. Now all is clear, thanks for the help in this question.

  6. oh wow those two dresses are beautiful!

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