Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ugly Shoes alternatives for Halloween costumes

If you are planning to go edgy on your footwear this Halloween, there are some designers shoes that you might want to check. These footwear happened to be the most creative creations ever done in the name of shoes, in fact, almost beyond the imagination of stereotype, unoriginal  people who only go for style that are socially acceptable. These shoes exceeded the definition of "beautiful" that they are dubbed "ugly shoes".

With the help of any of these shoes, the creative side of you might just come up with a stylish, extra-ordinary Halloween costume.

Rick Owens hidden sandals

Why is this ugly? Because I think that it's made for some middle aged, stylish Dracula.

Alexander McQueen "armadillo" heels

I really respect Alexander and I was devastated with the news of his death last year. He was such a loss. But while I adored his vision for style, I just can't handle these armadillo. They're too beautiful for me that they'd make me ugly. I'm speaking about pairing them with any of my dresses, but if you've some special outfit for this season, why not?

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

I can't bear with the thought of walking around mingling with humanity while my tendons are exposed. Not when I walk around in a dress, but maybe, when I'm farming?

Opening Ceremony faux fur platform boot

This shoe would make a good trivia question. Are those hair of human or of sheep? If it's human hair then I'll applaud the designer for his reusing and recycling technique. But if those of sheep, then I'd like to be rest assured that their souls are at peace.
Nina Ricci heel-less heels

When I first saw this shoe I felt more scared than impressed. It's a kind that I'd see in scary movies. I wonder what's with the concave-like platform? The suspended heels are exceptional BUT seeing such beauty being useless just causes me contradictions on myself. Can it be that the floating platform is cool? Or is it just flat ugly?

You might want to see more ugly shoes for Halloween. Visit the slide of ugliest shoes at Shine. 

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  1. Fabulous shoes!! I really, really wish I could afford the Alexander McQueen ones. They are simply too amazing for words. Sigh. :)

  2. Awesome shoes! Those McQueen and Nina Ricci heels are outrageous! Great post :)

  3. Wooooow those are some interesting shoes!

    I hope you can check out the H&M giveaway I am throwing!

  4. whahaha those are the most hideous shoes ever...I even saw this over at the internet.....

    awww...not sure to strut those shoes this halloween...


  5. You are right about these shoes -- they are best kept for halloween!

    Goodness, I'm frightened already.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I love the armadillos but I have to agree with you, maybe for Halloween but the rest are not me!

  7. Hehe... they look scary to me -like "injury-hazard" scary ^^

  8. I actually really love the Alexander McQueen ones! I'm definitely not a fan of the hairy ones.

  9. aahhh what is up with some of those!? the curly hair ones? ewwww...nice finds :)

    (Vintage handbag giveaway if you’re interested ;) )


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