Friday, October 1, 2010

The winner of $75 gift certificate sponsored by CSN Stores is ..

It's Friday and it's TGIS! How would you love to snuggle longer under the sheets until the sun rays greet you a happy "Good morning"? When there is no hurry to get up, it must even be nicer to move lazily against a modern bedding feeling its texture and smelling its fragrance that lingers. Weekends, how lovely!


One lucky winner has now a choice to do so, to get a new set of modern bedding that she desires. But of course, there are many more options available for her to redeem her $75 gift certificate. She may choose to buy a pair of shoes, a handbag or a wallet. Or probably she might end up buying some new kitchen wares or modern items for interior designs. It can't be harder to decide.

Congratulations to Shauna of Trying to Stay Calm! You won the $75 gift certificate sponsored by CSN Stores.

Thank you to all the girls who participated Creative Fashion's giveaway. And thank you to our sponsor, the CSN Stores.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. It's a HaPpY SaBbAtH for me.

photo credit: weheartit


  1. Wow....congratulations to the winner!!!


  2. YIPPEE SKIPPEE~!!!! I am doing the HAPPY dance!!! Can't wait to use it :)



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