Monday, November 8, 2010

4 Signs that You Need to Trim Your Hair

You might need to trim your hair if you notice that you have split ends, your hair is damaged, your hair is out of shape, and you have not changed your hairstyle in a while.


Your hair is one of your most noticeable assets and taking care of it properly is very important. There are many products to use and ways that you can take care of your hair. Natural oils like pure Moroccan Argan oil can help nourish your hair and make it softer. Trimming your hair is also one way of taking care of your hair and can help make it become healthier. Even if you are purposely trying to make your hair grow longer, it is advisable to trim your hair regularly. But how can you tell if you need to trim your hair? Here are some signs:


You have split ends

There is no effective solution to split ends, but there are ways to prevent split ends such as using conditioner regularly. If you already have split ends, then trimming your hair is a good idea. You should have your hair trimmed when you first notice the split ends because if you put off trimming your hair, the split ends will keep splitting and can turn into severely damaged split hair strands. Split ends can be spotted by looking closely at the tips of your hair. Unlike a normal hair strand which is intact from the root to the tip, split ends look like two separate strands at the tip. You can trim your hair at least an inch and half when you first see signs of split ends.


Your hair is damaged

If you regularly style your hair with heat-styling devices like flat irons and blow dryers or apply chemical products and coloring treatments often, you might notice your hair becoming dry and unmanageable. Your hair could also break off easily making the texture rough and stiff, two symptoms of damaged hair. You can deep condition your hair regularly to avoid hair damage, but if it’s already too late to undo the damage caused by unhealthy hair practices, get a trim.

hair-split ends

Your hair is out of shape

Trim your hair when it becomes slightly unmanageable and no longer looks like the original hairstyle you want. Even if your hair is healthy, you can experience flyway strands or lack of volume. Remember that the longer your hair becomes, the more gravity tends to act on it to pull your hair down and out of shape. If your original hairstyle included choppy layers, side swept bangs and other significant details, this could be quite inconvenient. Regularly trimming your hair can help maintain its shape and style.

photo credit: weheartit
You have not changed your hairstyle in a while

Your hair can be your perfect accessory, and the right hairstyle can help bring out the best of your features. But, like fashion, hairstyle trends change regularly. If you have not changed your hairstyle in a long time, it might be a good idea to get a trim. You might actually like the change.

Hair care doesn’t really have to involve a lot of money and artificial products. A simple trim or the right natural products can make a lot of difference to your hair.


  1. I used to be sooo bad at keeping up with my hair, but now I try to get it trimmed every 2 months. I wish I was brave and would change my hairstyle, but it is always the same.

  2. uugh thanks for rubbing it in. i REALLY need a haircut.

  3. I really need to trim down my hair...but get a rebond jealous of you...

    Let us meet again girl...maybe on December oopzz...sorry you will be home pala...basta if you have time soon...


  4. Hi Gleenn,

    Great post on keeping ones hair looking great.
    I have an appointment on Thursday to get mine trimmed.

    Happy week

  5. This post comes at perfect timing! I trimmed my hair three inches yesterday because of horrible split ends. I agree, it is a good idea to trim hair at least twice a year. :)

  6. trimming can make such a difference.

  7. I fall into at least 3 of these catagories...actually, I need an entire new hair style

  8. I think I do need a trim soon! My hair threatens to take over my face right now!

  9. I need a haircut sooo badly right now!

  10. Glenn, fantastic post and right to the point. hair can be amazing accessory all on its own and unfortunately, some girls simply do not understand it.:-)

    Now, with regards to the turban hat. I think that the beauty of the face is a subject to a personal taste.Believe it or not the more unque, exoctic and unsusal the face is the more perfect Tirban hat will fit. I have done so much research on Turbans and sure enough the majority of great stylistas who wore it were very far from what you would coonsider conventionaly beautiful woman.


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