Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Tips to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

When it's time to pop the question, make sure to have the best piece of jewelry for an engagement ring. If you want to delight her with your choice, consider these valuable recommendations: observe her likes and dislikes, pay attention to her clues, notice the items that look good on her hand, pick out the appropriate shape and setting, take into account her lifestyle, refer to her ring size, consider the idea of buying a loose diamond, and assess your resources.

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With a huge selection of jewelry options, it’s not a surprise that you find choosing the best engagement ring for the love of your life a little challenging . You could let her make the choice. But, that wouldn’t be as romantic as handing her the ring unexpectedly. Here is some advice to help you choose the most worthwhile and ideal ring for her:

Observe her likes and dislikes

Pay attention to her likes and dislike when it comes to jewelry. This is the most important step. Indeed, the jewelry she frequently wears is the most appropriate guide in knowing her preferences. Nearly all women have their distinct choice of a particular metal color setting. Some want yellow gold as setting. Others would love to have a platinum setting. Another aspect is the style of jewelry she prefers to wear. There are women who have a penchant for classic jewelry. And, there are those who go for more contemporary ones.

Pay attention to her clues

Try to recall if she has ever talked about her choice of jewelry styles, specifically on engagement rings. If she hasn’t, then take her to the jewelry store. You can figure out her taste without being obvious at all. If you have to take her to the jewelry shop, make sure to visit several shops so you have a wide selection. But, be sure to go to established shops that are recognized for their competence in quality and style. If you think she is fond of designer rings, then you might want to visit a Los Angeles jewelry district leading manufacturer of superior jewelry pieces.

Take notice of the items that look good on her hands

Focus your searching on items that will without a doubt look good on her hand. If she happens to have short fingers, choose an oval or marquise diamond to give her fingers a better look. Women with long fingers can wear bolder styles.

Pick out the appropriate shape and setting

Choose the shape and setting that’s right for her. You can choose from the following choices of diamond shapes: round, elongated, heart, and square cut. She can have a solitaire diamond or she can also have a cluster of diamonds in a band.

Take into account her lifestyle

Consider her lifestyle when buying her an engagement ring. Don’t give her an elaborate one if it is inappropriate for her daily activities. As much as possible, avoid a ring with high prongs, as it will likely to snag on clothing.

Refer to her ring size

Find out of her ring size by asking a friend or a family member who can secretly obtain one of her rings that you can use as a guide.

Consider buying a loose diamond

Another nice option is to give her a loose diamond when asking her the big question. Then maybe later on both of you can go out together and order a setting to match the diamond.

Assess your resources

Your budget should be a top priority. There are several affordable options available in jewelry stores. It’s just a matter of spending time in looking for a reasonably priced engagement ring.


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