Thursday, November 4, 2010

Killer Boots from my archives

"If I were to choose between a lovely dress and a fabulous pair of shoes, I'd take the shoes. Oh, how I love shoes!" My facebook private profile boldly screams this line. But hey, if I were to choose between an equally adorable pairs of evening shoes and boots, I'd take the boots. Of course, I would gladly take both. But if I can only get away with one, I'm leaning more for the killer boots.

Tonight, the shoeholic side of me is itching to come out. I decided to ease it by blogging about some of the boots that I found from my archives.

I wanted to give credit for this photo but I just can't remember the source.

I can just dream to buy all the boots that I fancy. I read tonight that 50% of your income can be spent for your needs, 20% for your savings and a whooping 30% for your wants. The latter percent is through the principle of "awarding yourself" first. In my case, I might as well award myself a pair of shoes every time I get my paycheck. But I'm VERY frugal. So go figure.




nine west boots



The good thing about fashion blogging is, I don't really have to buy all the boots that I fancy. I can just feed my eyes and when I'm done, share them to my readers.

So, my dear girls, are there any particular boots you're fancying right now?


  1. "The good thing about fashion blogging is, I don't really have to buy all the boots that I fancy. I can just feed my eyes and when I'm done, share them to my readers." That is the best line ever!! I couldn't agree more. :)

    I love all these boots, but like you, I can't really afford to buy everything I want...sigh. The first thing I'm going to do when I get a job is buy myself a new pair of shoes. :P

  2. Sadly with my income I spent 90% on my needs... though when I do have enough money I spend it on shoes or a new outfit! I love shoes :)

  3. I so want some over the knee boots! Someday....
    I'd so rock those.

    I also love those pink ones! lol very cute. I have a sister that would LOVE them.

  4. the boots topic is so YOU Glee...I am not really a fan of boots...but I am eyeing those cute wedges at Siam Paragon from JC...hahaha I want to die!!!


  5. I want that suede cream color one. I'm gonna be off to HK soon and it's pretty cold up there... Those boots would be perfect! Thanks for posting, Glenn...

  6. Pink boots? YUMM.

  7. ahhhh now im itching for new boots! i am totally with you on taking boots over just about anything else!

    I hope you will check out the giveaway i am hosting!

  8. Hi Gleenn,

    I love shoes and boots too, and the ones you have shown here in the photos are fabulous.

    Happy weekend

  9. I like your choices! I've been eyeballing all these cute winter boots from Eddier Bauer... practical and cute for Washington weather!

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes :D


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