Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding shoes ideas for NOT old-fashion brides

One thing that requires significant attention from a bride is her shoes. Usually, the bride shops for her wedding shoes after she has decided or ordered her wedding dress. However, deciding for which shoes to wear doesn't have to always come last. It has to be incorporated in deciding for the theme of the wedding.

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Are you planning for a traditional wedding? White wedding gown, ground touching old-fashioned veil and a pair of old-fashioned white shoes? I say nay! Not because you are having a traditional church wedding you always have to be ultra-traditional with our shoes. You may go for a pair of white shoes but the style can be edgy.

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Or, if you dare to be a modern bride, you can even choose to go for a pair of red shoes [or yellow, purple, pink, even animal print!].You just have to remember to match your bouquet with your colored shoes.

A bride myself, I'm hunting for colored wedding shoes.


  1. I once saw a bride with white (champagne) dress and BLUE shoes on! I´m in love with that idea. I think when I´ll get married one day, I´ll wear something blue: the shoes!! :D

    Times Like Mine

  2. congrats on being engaged~
    I wanted to do colored ones, but my hubby thought it would be weird and I let him influence me.
    But no, Nothing was traditional about my wedding attire. I wore no veil, a long sleeved more fitted gown and my bouquet was crazy bright daisies and white roses.

  3. Love the zebra print shoes- so creative and unique and not traditional! :)

  4. Great advice! I kind of like the idea of colored shoes!

  5. love those zebra print shoes!!!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog:)

  6. Hi Gleenn,

    You see it more and more, coloured shoes for the bride.
    I think it is a nice idea and looks so good matched with the bouquet.

    Happy week

  7. the bright red shoes are so pretty! a lot of my friends favor turquoise shoes with white dresses :) cute blog!

  8. Having colored shoes seem practical to me. I want to get married oudoors and I could only imagine white shoes getting dirty looking. I'd rather the color be intentional than have grass stains.

  9. I wore hand beaded mules on my wedding and then later at the reception I changed into open toed golden heels. If I´d get married today, I´d definitely choose red or animal prints. hahaha!

  10. Hello friend! I agree, and I really like the idea of wearing shoes with a pop of colour to stand out from the white dress.

    Great ideas and it's good to be back visiting you!

  11. I love the idea of wearing zebra-print heels for one's wedding!! :P

  12. That zebra foot candy is too fun!

  13. When I was getting married I had my heels, but then I also had a pair of wedge flip flops that were white with little diamons on them. I wanted to be prepared just in case my feet hurt!

    Cute blog!

  14. Coloured wedding dresses would be so much fun to wear, especially with a white dress.

  15. Interesting for me//


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