Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Fashionista shares a glimpse of her prenuptial

The hard part about taking some time away from blogging, for whatever reason, is that it gets very difficult to pick up the drive and write the rebound post. I'm glad I have a very supportive hubby, he's the one who encourages me to be active again in blogging.

While my head is still scattered and pulling off a very useful post for either fashion report or fashion tips still seem impossible, let me just share to you some of the beautiful things that had happened to me recently, things that I am blessed to have.

Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Glenn Josko

I'm an offbeat bride. I didn't have the typical bridal dress or typical church wedding that most traditional couples dream for.  However, I had an intimate and very romantic wedding.

Here are some of my favorite prenuptial photos.

wedding photo

wedding photo 2

prenuptial 1

wedding photo 3

wedding 6

wedding photo 4

wedding photo 5

Thank you to the girls who wished us well. Hugs :)

Fabulously yours,


  1. It is so good to hear from you! You are such a gorgeous bride!!!! I absolutely love your dress...it shows off your amazing legs. I had a similar veil and a similar black bow on my dress when I got married! You make such a lovely couple together...I'm so happy you shared these photos with us.

    I understand how difficult it is to return from a blogging break. So glad to hear you have a supportive husband and we are all here for you as well!

    Much love,

  2. I love your wedding dress! I don't like typical wedding dresses. Your wedding dress is minimalistic and very classy.

  3. What wonderful photos and I am so happy for you! You two look so happy! :)
    I love the dress you wore! I am also a non-traditional. My boyfriend and I also just want a simple wedding. Where did you find your dress?

    Congratulations to you both! :)

  4. These photos are stunning! I absolutely adore your non-traditional dress. This is the route I would love to take one day, if I get married. I'm not a big fan of the old-fashioned wedding gowns...

  5. Your dress is short! I LOVE it!

  6. I love your short dress!

  7. WOW, simple yet so chic! Adore your dress, congrats to you both""

  8. You look so beautiful! Love the dress :D I wish u lots of happiness and love <3

  9. Hey, i like your wedding dress. you looks so cute. keep it up!! :)

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