Sunday, March 20, 2011

Must-have Cecilia Boots – in black or dark brown

While the temperature here in the tropics is always too high to wear a tall-shaft boots, collecting women’s boots is still my passion. I have a couple of them which I rarely wear and only for some selected occasions, but I do have quite a number of low-cut boots – the kind of boots that this country where I’m in allows me to strut.

However, since my husband lives in Europe, and if things are ready for me to move there, I’ll eventually need more of tall-shaft, winter boots. I was told to buy as much as I can -apparels, shoes and accessories here in Asia where the price is cheaper compared to that of Europe’s. You bet, that would take a lot of luggage bags.

But while I prefer off-line shopping, I don’t close myself from tons of online fashion stuff available for just one click. In fact, if you girls are just vigilant, you can buy more online for less. Just grab as much discount codes and crazy sales as you can.

Checking for tall-shaft boots online, I found two versions of a Connie Women's Cecilia Boots that I believe are a must-have. One comes in black, the other in brown.


Click here to check Connie Brown Cecilia Boots

Why are these boots a must have? First, I love that they aren’t very loud. They're plain, polished and not overdone. What makes a statement for these boots are the metal chain accents that drape down from the ankle. The round toe gives enough space for your toes so that no matter how long you'd wear it, say in a long fly from Bangkok to Germany, the toes aren’t squeezed mercilessly inside the boots all for the name of fashion. Why suffer if you can have fashion and comfort together?

The heels are about 3-4 inches. How come they’d be comfortable? They’re comfortable regardless of height because the heels aren't cigarette. They aren’t too slender that forces your weight on your joints and they aren’t too stout either that diminish your fashion galore.

Either the black or the dark brown will do well for you. They’re easy to match to almost any outfit combination you’d love to strut with them.

What do you think girls? Would you take a black or brown of these Connie Women's Cecilia Boots?


  1. I think they are quite cute! I am not too crazy about the chains on them but I love the look of them! You will definitely need them in Europe. ;)

  2. These boots are fabulous! I adore the brown pair. :)

  3. Your blog is realy great!

  4. BTW if you move to Europe you will definitely need some winter shoes

  5. Hi Gleenn,

    These boots are lovely and yes, you will be needing them in Europe.
    When we were in France in January I wore boots most of the time.
    Good luck with your move there.


  6. aww cute booties I would personally love and choose the brown boots...especially the chain details...


  7. I love the dark brown! I can see that w a cute floral dress for Spring!

    Miss Neira


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