Monday, May 23, 2011

Alain Mikli new MATT collection - april 2011

Did you know that Nicole Richie owns over 200 sunglasses? I could just wish for them. But for her self-defense, it's not purely fetishism, it's combined fashion and work. After all, she designs sunglasses and she can practically own every glasses she design. Okay, maybe I should start designing glasses too, and shoes!

But sunglass fetish aside, I received an email introducing me the Alain Mikli new MATT collection - april 2011. I haven't heard of this brand before and I'm glad they knocked my door to show me this. But no, it's not designed by Nicole. This brand is actually launched by Frenchman Alain Mikli.

Tell me girls, is this something you'd love to add to your accessories this summer? Shown in Disguised Red. Also available in Tricky Turquoise, Deep Black and Tortoise. Retail: $450

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  1. Alain mikli is my first choice for eye wear. Glad to have found this post about this brand.


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