Monday, April 4, 2011

The downside of buying fashion items on sale – which fashionistas are in danger?

The community of fashionistas is divided into groups. The first group is made of those who refuse to buy items that are mass produced. They chase for products that are almost not available to the public which give them some feeling of exclusivity. Don’t even talk about fashion on sale to them or they’ll see you as cheap.

The next group is made of those who buy designers clothes and accessories and mixed them up with some high street products. They may or may not buy items on sale depending on their mood. While they appreciate copycats and occasionally go for them, they don’t hesitate to buy high ends whenever the urge demands.

And then there are those who purchase designer items if and only if they’re on sale. Most of the time, they prefer high street products because they’re stylish, affordable and practical. They absolutely love mega sales and they don’t bother to mix up brands with some unbranded items.

If you ask me, I belong on the third group. What about you?

There’s this mentality that buying items on sale is practical. It’s okay to acquire more as long as you spend less. To put it a bit negative, “spending more for less”.

But for how many instances I found that buying items on sale is not always as practical as it may seem. I realized that to make the most of getting discounts, you have to be keen with the red flags.

I bought two fabulous tops from Forever 21. They were sold at 50%. I loved their style and since they promised comfort to me, I didn’t hesitate to take them. Out of these two, the “I love my Boyfriend” shirt was my favorite. Not only because it screams out what’s in my heart, but also because it feels very cool on the skin. Its fabric is 100% Rayon. It can be worn off shoulder. The shirt hangs loose down the torso but hugs around the hips. I really liked its cut.

Fabulous shirt, yes, but not durable
I felt proud sporting my “expensive but bought on sale” shirt around the city. But to my disappointment, when I washed it the first time, the cloth on the upper back started to make holes. Those holes were contagious because more and more holes were coming while the original ones were getting bigger. It was something I didn’t expect.

The other white shirt however, though it wasn’t my favorite at first, was actually the one that gave my money’s worth. It’s made of 50% Rayon and 50% cotton. After quite a few times of wearing, it still is good.

Another disappointment that I earned from buying on sale is through this pair of boots. Its brand is Gazi and I don’t think it’s internationally known. As you can see, they’re simply adorable. I don’t always wear my favorite clothes and shoes because I wish to preserve them. But that practice turned out to be a bad idea for these shoes. After wearing them twice with only few months interval, I noticed that their skin was wearing off. I’ve not had enough of them yet and now they’re starting to look ugly. I don’t think I can still wear them, not with their cracked skin. So now they’re just sitting there in my closet, pretending they’re still pretty. You can just imagine my sadness.

The boots that couldn't stay pretty for long
I asked my friend the other day what bothers her when I saw her frowning early in the morning. She showed me her still quite new shoes, with the skins wearing off, too. I inquired if those were the pretty shoes she bragged about that she got on sale. The answer was “Yes”.

Therefore I've concluded two things.

1. When you are tempted to buy shoes on sale, examine the material. Usually, items are sold on sale because they’re nearing their deterioration period. Not all, of course, but mostly. Polyesters are very likely to wear off quick when bought on sale.

Even leathers have their limits too. Leathers that are bought at good quality become better in time especially when worn often. But a leather that’s been stocked for a long period of time before being sold on sale is a different case. Be careful.

2. For clothes, be wary of materials made purely of Rayon especially those sold on sale. A combination of Rayon and Cotton is more durable. Also, some fabrics are fake cottons. Just few weeks back I purchased an undershirt camisole that says 100% cotton and was on sale. After I did laundry, they showed lots of windows.

So those are my tips. What about yours? Have you experienced disappointments with products you bought on sale? What are your secrets when buying bargained items?


  1. 3rd group! for me sale+comfort=buy

  2. Fabulous tips, darling!

    I am in the third group as well :)


  3. I would say I'm in the third group as well!

  4. I am also in the third category. I noticed too that items that are on sale in huge quantities are really not that fashionable or wouldn't find myself even buy on sale. Also good quality sale items go fast too. Great post! :)

  5. I love sales. But I am trying really hard not to buy so much.

    If I buy highend stuff it is normally secondhand.

  6. good thing I always get lucky with my purchases in Forever21 but somehow it takes me an hour or so to examine and hold on to it and think thoroughly if it is worth my money or not...even though it is considered on sale.. :D
    sorry to hear about that babe




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