Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outsource for healthy skin, use Eye Cream!

Urggh! Those lines! (Photo credit: weheartit)
“When I was young, I wanted to get older. But now that I’m older, I want to be young.” Not that I’m unhappy with where I am now, in fact, looking back, that was great journey, but seeing my face at the mirror, with those little dry skins under my eyes and fine lines that are starting to get visible, plus those not very horrifying but worrisome potential wrinkles at the sides of my eyes when I smile, I detest getting old.

But age and wrinkles are part of growth, indeed. To deal with it, I learned that using eye cream early, and by early I mean few years before hitting thirty, is good in protecting your skin. A while before dry and wrinkled skin crawl your face, you should already be nourishing it with effective eye cream products.

Since age causes the decline of your body’s ability to moisturize your skin, using eye cream that contains nutritional ingredients help to alleviate dry skin around your eyes. An effective eye cream can hydrate, rejuvenate and refresh your skin; stimulate collagen production, repair and protect your skin from future damage.

I recommend using your eye cream simultaneously with regular exercising, sleeping early and living a less stressful life. Nothing beats the natural preventions of wrinkles, yes, but outsourcing moisture and collagen renewal is also beneficial.

What do you think girls? At what age should we start using eye cream and other anti-wrinkle products?


  1. I definitely agree with you! I started to use eye cream when I was 26 and with 30 I started to use moisturizing creams with anti-aging effect. I hope it´s gonna help for long ;-)


  2. I am an eye cream junkie! I started using it around 18 and became addicted! It seems to have worked so far...I recently was carded for alcohol and it's been quite a few years since I was under 21...

  3. I am not using any eye cream right now just the Garnier liquid pen, or the whitening pen because I have super dark circles and my eyebags are totally ugly...


  4. I just started using the garnier caffiene roll-on pen along with eucerin q10 active eye cream and i'm in my mid 20s. I think ladies should start using an eye cream once they reach their 20s.


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