Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where to shop fashionable high street men’s wear – Humor Clothing

The good thing about having a sexy husband is that it’s easy to dress him up (No, not the mum dressing up a kid kind of thing!). If you look for clothing to buy him as gift, almost anything masculine and stylish would surely fit him. It’s fun to see on him those he-man attires worn by mannequins.

I love shopping for my husband’s clothing. It’s important that I know his style and taste. Those include cut, color and trend. Shopping online I met Humor Clothing, an online shop for men’s clothing. They have the style and trend that my hubby would surely like.

So I sent the link to my husband and asked him to choose what he’d like supposing I’m buying him a gift from this shop. He says that some jeans are really cool, but he’s not much into trendy stuff because he believes it’s not practical. When the trend dies off the next year, you’re done with your jeans. But he did pick a couple of clothing that he likes (in fact, he likes quite a lot).

Humor Clothing: My hubby's choice

His first choice is this Humor Ollie Jacket; it’s not only stunning and very manly, it’s also very functional. He also likes the Humor Culo Shirt, a long sleeved Humor shirt with very masculine color and stylish patterns. I’m certain he’d really look good on them. Now I’m checking how much money I’ve got in my bank and if I can afford at least one of these.

If you need fashionable high street designs for men, whether for your boyfriend, husband or dad, visit Humor Clothing and see your needs met.

How do you find shopping for your man? And where do you usually shop for men’s wear?


  1. Hi Gleenn,

    These masculine clothes are neat and thanks for sharing the label.

    Happy Easter

  2. my hubby is not fashionable at all... But I like to buy him things.

  3. men shopping is kind of hard... thank goodness for i don't have y chromosome :)

    Empire State of Heart

  4. I got humor jacket for man and Im very happy ! is so cool and unique !
    Thanks for sharing

    humor clothing


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