Sunday, May 15, 2011

Henry Holland Lace Body Review - your elegant and feminine bodysuit

If a mass of beautiful lingerie, bras, shape wear and accessories are available for you to review, it’s easy to get drown and choosing just one is really difficult. Lingerie Please! And yet I figured the one that stood out among all the beauties, something that requires more guts to wear – a lacy bodysuit.

The Henry Holland Lace Body is available only in black. But it didn’t bother me much if color choices aren’t there because black is just perfect for an elegant bodies. Just like a typical bodysuit or leotard, you’ll have to slip yourself into it through the neck opening with the absence of a zip down the back. So you’ll have to stretch wide the neck to give way for your hips and amazingly, I found the material really strong. I first felt like I’m getting too hard on it whenever I’ve to wear it but after several times of slipping in and out of this suit, I’m convinced that the material is strong enough to last.

body suit
Styling the Henry Holland Lace Body
The tights’ hem reaches down the mid-shin while the sleeves extend down between the forearm and hand, but that’s depending on what you prefer.

I love the flexibility of a bodysuit when it comes to styling. On winter, you can wear it with jeans or trousers. But since it’s too hot during summer, you can better style it with high waisted skirts or shorts or experiment with an A-line linen skirt that sits on the hips. You can also layer it with a very mini dress. Having it in black is perfect for varied color combinations.

The only draw back of a bodysuit aside from being too hot in the summer is that, when you’re wearing it for a demanding whole day affair, using a rest room isn’t fun. It takes time to slip off and slip back making you feel irritated. Therefore I suggest wearing it only to a lazy party or a girl’s night out when you are supposed to have fun.

Are you fond of bodysuits and leotards? How do you style your bodysuit?


  1. WOW sexy...I am inlove with your shoes...and that lace...


  2. You look really gorgeous in this bodysuit!! You have me sold on it. Although, I was wondering about the restroom situation before you mentioned it. Lol. Yeah, that would be annoying...

  3. I've worn leotards, but the only time i've worn a body suit is for a dance performance and it was annoying! So I couldn't imagine wearing it for a whole day. But I'm glad there are others who don' mind it!

  4. Hi Gleenn,

    You look fabulous and love the lace body suit.
    Belated happy birthday for the 13th and many thanks for the B'day wishes you sent me.

    Happy week

  5. I hate leotards. I think they could be cute, but not on me.

    Your outfits are cute!


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