Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things to skip at Forever 21

Who doesn't love Forever 21? With all the bargain stylish items, it's easy to get drown with all the tempting things to grab. But Yahoo Shine, in their article "What not to buy at Forever 21" said it right - you get what you pay for.

The article identified items that, regardless of how promising and extra-affordable, you better skip and keep your money. These include earrings, dresses, shoes and jeans. But things that are worth to steal include - sun glasses, on trend tops, swim wear and bags.

I couldn't help but agree much to this article. I did experience buying a promising shirt from Forever 21 just to get disappointed with its low quality. But then the jeans that I purchased from the shop was even worse, I never got to wear it since the day I brought it home.

forever 21
At Forever 21 fitting room, Central World Bangkok
Aside from the jeans being thin, it was entirely ill-fitting. When I tried it on in the fitting room, it was looking fine. The jeans seemed to fit well although I had a feeling of having it too fit, I thought it'd be fine after sometime of wearing it, that it would stretch out. But when I was home and tried it again, I realized that the jeans doesn't allow me to sit comfortable.The tightness in the hips, for what other reasons, just pull the jeans from the knee down. When sitting, I tried to pull the jeans up to the waist, to no avail. I'm not sure if my rear is just too big for the jeans, or if it simply not made to accommodate a bump like mine. Since I don't feel comfortable with it, I never had the courage to wear it. It made me swear not to buy jeans from Forever 21 again.

What about you? Have you purchased jeans from Forever 21 that you loved? What products do you skip when shopping at Forever 21?


  1. I love Forever21! I think it is either a hit or miss. I haven't had a chance to try on their jeans but I don't think I will buy a pair. Simply because most of them are low-rise and I don't go for low-rise. I love their jewelry but they do fall apart easily if you don't take care of them.

  2. Hi Gleenn,

    Oh that is so annoying not to be able to wear them. Have you thought of maybe going back to the shop you bought them from and tell them.
    You look great.

    Happy weekend

  3. Hmmm, mixed feelings with that store. I do love the style, but it often seems cheap to me.

    I did get a pair of sunglasses...and those where a great deal! THey are soo cute too!

  4. Forever XXI really is hit or miss. I find that it really lacks clothes that fit petites well and a lot of the clothing is poor quality... there are of course some good finds.
    The one at Central World in Bangkok is nice and big and always so quiet, so it's nice to browse around in there.


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