Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to choose lingerie

"Underwear is a human right!" I love this line of Rebecca Bloomwood, the famous Shopaholic. It creates a feeling of being ultimately pampered underneath your clothes. Underwired, strapless, no wire, sports bra, you name it, they all have specific functions. But lingerie has become more than just support and protection; it's actually a significant fashion element for women.

When it comes to color, lingerie in nude is the most must-have. You can wear nude seamless bras and panties and yet appear like you've nothing beneath your clothes; they're almost invisible. Not that it's suggestive; in fact, nude color lingerie draws attention away from what they're covering so that people see your dress, not your panties. This is especially necessary when wearing white pants or light colored tops. The undergarment lines will virtually disappear, working ingeniously beneath the fabrics, from your best wool sweater to simple cotton shirts.

However, in choosing nude color lingerie, you must remember that there are different shades of nude. For some women, nude is the deep chocolate while for some, a flesh tone. Choose the shade that's closest to your skin tone.

You should always wear lingerie that fits best and makes you feel confident under any type and any color of clothing. You can check out Very.co.uk for all of your lingerie needs now.

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  1. Great post! Most of my bras & panties are nude and seamless because I'm so paranoid about them showing through my clothes. I agree, they are a must-have for summer! :)


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