Thursday, June 23, 2011

Skin Detoxification and Perricone Product Giveaway

Detox Elixir: refreshes, rebalances, resets
Your body has a natural way of detoxifying itself of toxins. You absorb toxins from polluted air, processed and chemically laden food and water that you take and toxic environment where you live. The body is capable of cleansing itself; however, its efficiency in detoxifying is affected and enhanced by your diet and your functional body organs such as liver, lungs, kidneys and blood. If you live a healthy diet, you drink plenty of water and your body organs are healthy, your body will work properly in ridding itself of toxins.

While the body performs detoxification process, you can observe some detox symptoms such as pimples, acne, white heads, rashes, crack and dried skins. These symptoms not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your skin; they only imply that your body is performing cleansing. However, the amount of acne that comes out your skin may show you have much toxins you’ve got inside your body and that you may have to adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes, having good diet and drinking lots of water are not enough to aid your body in performing skin detoxification. There are products that are created to perform this job. You simply have to discover which product works well for you. You may also just need a detoxifier which you can spray that quickly refines your pores, refreshes and gives you melon skin.

Aside from reading product reviews, another way of discovering effective products is by trying them out. Perricone is giving one reader that chance to actually try one Perricone product for free, by joining this giveaway.

Enter this Giveaway!

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2. Leave a comment below this post identifying which Perricone product valued at $150 or less would you want or need and why. Include in your comment your twitter and facebook username (yes, I manually check usernames).

This giveaway ends on the 3rd July 2011. Good luck, darlings!

This giveaway is open only for US and Canada residents.


evrywoman said...


I a new follower on both sites and I would chose the first blush, because it firms, tones and moisturizes all in one.

Twitter : @evrywoman
Facebook : Danyell G and/or facebook/evrywoman

Thank you,
evrywoman at yahoo dot com

adelle said...

twitter follower @pinoysugarplum
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adelle said...

i like to try the cold plasma
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adelle said...

i like to try the cold plasma
amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com

Karena said...

Hi Glee

I am a follower here, on FB and now on Twitter.

Always have wanted the cold plasma(not alone I see)!

Art by Karena

I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

Anne-Marie T said...

Following you on Twitter (amt946)
I liked your Facebook page (Anne-Marie T)


Anne-Marie T said...

I would like to try the Hyper Hydrator as my skin always feels so dry.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, what a fantastic Giveaway!

I would love to win the regular Cold Plasma - .

I have heard such incredible things about this product, and would love to try it myself! :)

Glogirl said...

I follow on Twitter @glogirl3 and on FB (Amy M).


Glogirl said...

I would love to try the Intensive Pore Minimizer because I have enlarge pores and nothing seems to work to shrink them!


Sharon said...

I am one of your current followers on FB and twitter @rusthawk.

Sharon said...

My skin has gotten so dry as I've aged ...I think the Concentrated Restorative Treatment would help. Thank you for the entries!

The Blonde Duck said...

How cool!

Sada said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am now your latest follower and look forward to reading your posts!!

D.Sadie said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing.

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coriwestphal said...

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And i have just the beginning stages of aging and I'd love to prevent wrinkles with the Crinkle Eraser! But the Bright Eyed would be great to brighten up my bags!

coriwestphal at msn dot com

adele said...

Great blog & giveaway!
Thanks for visiting me, hope you stop by again soon xoxo

glee said...

yay, just one day more and we'll know the winner.

Deanna G. said...

1. I follow Creative Fashion on Twitter as @calidreamin87 & I like you on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

2. I want the "Sweet Clean" cleanser because I've been looking for a gentle cleanser that won't irritate my skin. :)

Kim D. said...

I follow you on Twitter @mom22girlz.
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Kim D. said...

I would love to win the Cold Plasma since it dose everything to help fight the signs of aging skin.
mom22girlz at ymail dot com