Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Wear Panty Hose like Kate Middleton

We’ve heard it all; Kate Middleton is the new fashion icon. She unquestionably has a great sense of style. Now that she blossoms into a style diva, attention shifts to her new style statement – panty hose.

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kate middleton wears panty hose
Kate Middleton wears panty hose
Do you love how Kate Middleton wears panty hose? Have you noticed that she is quite hosed up too often? Is panty hose her new royal style identity or is it simply required by protocol?

We understand that “panty hose” has been on life support for how many years now, that’s both figuratively and literally. The young generation of women, I myself included, opt for a less formal more freeing look – bare legs, no panty hose.

While panty hose used to be the symbol of women’s liberation, styling without panty hose is the new form of women’s rebellion.

Why not? We women are more equipped now than ever before. We’ve earned more confidence too, and that includes baring our skin, needless of nylon cover ups.

But now that Kate Middleton is reviving the elegance of panty hose, do you think it’s on its way to rebirth?

Wearing panty hose is never outdated, never an obsolete styling technique. You may feel confident enough of your legs and you may opt for comfortable and casual chic look, but there are occasions, gatherings and places where wearing panty hose still stands out.

Kate Middleton 1
Kate Middleton isn't afraid to bare legs
If you carefully observe when Kate Middleton wears panty hose, she’s hosed up whenever she attends royal gatherings, political meet ups or formal parties. But when she goes to see a polo match or if she attends some less formal gatherings, you’ll she her bare her legs too.

You may not attend royal gatherings like Kate does, but you definitely go for a job interview, perform a presentation at work (for promotion?) or you represent your company to conferences. During these times, wearing a suit and skirt and a panty hose is still more powerful than a suit and pants.

You don’t need to wear panty hose everyday at work, but it’s important that you know when to use them for your edge.

If you attend a formal party and you’re not on the mood for long dresses, you’ll never go wrong with mini-skirt and panty hose; oh, well, unless if summer burns like it does in the tropics.

So tell me, how do you wear panty hose?

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  1. I always wear hose in the winter. I'm so glad Kate is bringing the trend back. There is something so elegant and classy about pantyhose...

    Great post. :)


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