Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make My Heart Melt by Sretsis

If you can take your wardrobe down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland fashions, you can chase after true love with “Make my Heart Melt” Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Sretsis. Inspired by Macoto Takahashi, a Japanese manga artist who depicts romance through beautiful young maidens, wide-eyed innocents and angelic princesses with lots of detail and lace, the three sisters – Pim, Kly and Matina Sukhahuta – founders of the brand, adapted them for their 2010 collection.


Sretsis, which is “sisters” spelled backward, was founded in 2002 and is one of Thai favorite brands. A collaboration of three sisters, Pim leads the team as the design director; Kly handles the marketing side and Martina showcases her creativity through quirky jewelries.

While love has become very conditional and trivial, the sisters believe that it’s not what it is supposed to be. Through their “Make my Heart Melt” they re-examine “the world’s most powerful emotion with fresh outlooks”. Love is meant to be pure but playful and fun. Romance shouldn’t be dead. It has to be in full bloom. And what better way to express love and romance than flowery prints, cutting flows, light breezy satin silk and organza silk with fluttering baby birds?

sretsis 3

For the first time, the Sretsis took its collection away from Bangkok’s mediocre fashion weeks. On the last weekend of March, the sisters transformed a dull futsol ground in Thonglor into a secret English garden with flowers and real chirping birds to unveil their love collection. Abundant petals were flying and children playing bubbles chased them here and there. Models carried the collection in a very cheerful and carefree manner with lots of smiles, wafting on and off. Indeed, love is so much fun!

Sretsis has been featured by New York Post on September 2009; by Koutore on October 2009; by Glamour on November 2009; by Teen Vogue on March 2010 and by Elle on April 2010. Celebrities who were spotted strutting Sretsis include Katy Perry, January Jones, Beyonce Knowles and Zooey Deschannel.


If you happen to visit Bangkok, you can access Sretsis fashions at Sretsis Boutique Gaysorn, Gaysorn 2F-28, Ploenchit Rd. Patumwan Bangkok 10330 or at Sretsis Emporium, Emporium Shopping Complex, 1st Floor 622 Sukhumvit 24 Bangkok 10110.

When asked by fashion reporter O. Pravatti about their next big thing, Pim answered with good nerve, “getting married?” Made me wonder, how would wedding dresses look with flowers and cute little animals? But of course, another inspiration would come, another definition of love to flash.

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