Friday, August 5, 2011

Sretsis "Up in the Clouds" 2011 collection

The first time I saw the Make My Heart Melt by Sretsis, I was totally blown away. But it seems that these sisters’ designers really know how to make people fall in love.

Sretsis "Up in the Clouds" collection has done definitely just that, make me fall in love one more time, and makes me feel that in fashion, even sky can’t be the limit. Just fly high up in the clouds and be free.

sretsis 2011 a

"Up in the Clouds" collection understands the modern world and the equally modern women that live in it. The collection looks toward future minimalism, but still maintains Sretsis signature playfulness.

sretsis 2011 b

With more durable materials and separate pieces that can be matched freely, Sretsis aims to make fancy more practical and practical more fancy.

The collection might be based on fantasy, but it thrives in reality so the lines are clean but still quirky. The ruffle blouses twit away, jersey dresses are comfortable enough to daydream in, maxi dresses are fit for daywear as well as partying while the use of color-blocked sleeves creates an illusion of strapless cocktail dresses.

sretsis 2011 c

Sretsis A/W 2011 encourages all daring souls to steal the thunders, dance in the rain, and levitate up to cloud nine … then look down to see the wind of change.


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