Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swimwear Review – Sunseeker Gypsy by Lingerie Please

Women choose their swimwear with care, at times, even more than choosing a boyfriend. This is simply because swimwear, like other pieces of clothes, reflects a personality.

In buying a pair of swimwear, my rule is the same - designs that are unique, colors that are not too loud but certainly won’t dissolve into the background amidst a sea of swimsuits, materials that are refreshing to the skin and something that totally stands out.

swimwear by lingerieplease

I currently love a two-piece swimwear – the Sunseeker Gypsy – by Lingerieplease. In fact, examining all my swimwear, everything that I have is two-piece.

The Sunseeker Gypsy Slide Bikini Top has a halter neck fastening straps and back. It has sufficient padding for support, enough to add an illusion of bigger chests for the flat chested, but not too thick to worry those that are blessed with bigger chests.

The briefs come with a tie-side, hipster pant. The fitting, regardless of your size, is perfect to make the bikini rest on around your second hips, flaunting the fullness of derrière and the roundness of your legs.

I love the color details of this swimwear because it creates a gypsy look, definitely not your typical swimsuit.

Made of 84 percent Polyamide Nylon and 16 percent Elastane Spandex, the Sunseeker Gypsy requires care. Handwashing in warm water, rinsing and dripping it dry are one of the best way to make this swimwear last. Of course, steer away from iron and chlorine.

The color, style and body support make this lingerie one of the best two-piece bikinis you can wear if you are to spend a day at the beach or pool, hugging you in all the right places and making you get noticed.

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