Friday, September 16, 2011

Creative Fashion has branched to a new home!

After a while of debating if I should keep this blog while I´ve lauched it´s .com version, I finally arrived at a tough decision, I have to let it go.

It´s a very difficult decision, it didn´t come without tears. Part of me wants to hold on, but a bigger part knows that I can´t manage.

I started this blog early in 2009. I was quite doubtful if I could make it. I had no community, I had a very limited fashion dictionary.

But time flies. I learned a lot of html, SEO and online marketing through this blog. Above all, I learned a lot about fashion. It generated me revenue more than I expected so that it financed the launch of my two websites - Creative Fashion and Offbeat Marriage.

I so love this blog. I´ve put so much to it. It helped me survive when I broke my heart, it saw me fell in love for another time, and it was with me when I got engaged, until I got married. You must understand why it means so much to me.

But change is part of growth. I´m now extending my wings, blogging more professionally, full-time, at a new home.

Visit me at my new place, the new

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