Monday, November 7, 2011

Clarisse Style 1406 Prom Dress Review

The Homecoming dress 1406 dress for this review was provided to us by provides prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and dresses for other special occasions.

I´m no longer very young and yet I´m still extremely fixated with prom dresses and homecoming dresses. You must understand; I´ve never been to a prom or a ball party. I grew up to a strict religious family and all our high school ball parties were held on Friday nights, which is already the start of the Sabbath that our religion observes. I was never allowed to attend those parties, not even to see how it´s like. I had a boring high school life.

So you can just imagine my excitement when I was contacted by the representative of a popular designer line, Clarisse dresses, to style and review one of their dresses. My heart skipped and I felt like I´m a sweet high school girl once again. I had a hard time choosing which dress to style from the several beautiful dresses available for review. Yet, I eventually settled for a brown/gold short prom dress for two reasons. First, the brown and gold combination creates a matured sophistication that is appropriate for my age, and second, I love it´s striking, very unique look.

Clarisse Prom Dress

Clarisse Prom Dress

This brown/gold short homecoming dress is by every inch a stunner. The charmeuse fabric is interestingly placed on the strapless bodice to give it a more unique look. My most favorite detail of the dress is the beaded belt which accents the gold lame net bubble skirt. Its back is very sexy and its fabric and details shine so beautifully at night. Since this dress comes with a bubble skirt, it adds me volume which complements my very slim figure. Also, unlike other dresses that are plainly lined, this brown/gold prom dress features two wide and deep pockets on each side. I was actually surprised to discover them and thought they´re great rooms for my keys, card and some cash. You don´t need a clutch to take care whole night if you´re going to really enjoy the night, do you? But I need not worry about the dress getting bulky, it´s a bubble dress, after all.

Clarisse Prom Dress

Clarisse Prom Dress

I ordered the dress in size 0, the smallest size available. Unfortunately, I am currently too slim for a good definition; the dress is bigger than me. Since the dress is strapless, the waist area should fit snugly around the waist to hold the dress in place. The tube bodice stands and forms by itself so even if you have smaller chests, it isn´t obvious.

My only plight therefore is that the waist does not fit right which makes the dress slide down. How can I wear it to a real party then? Bringing it to a tailor for refitting isn´t even an option because I´m certain the delicate details will get ruined. Of course, Clari Adrian must have perceived this so that two brown straps are included in the package. I can easily sew the ready-to-attach spaghetti straps on the dress and everything will be right on place. An extra gold lame net fabric is also included in the packet so that whenever you accidentally hurt your bubble dress, you have a way to mend it.

I absolutely adore this dress and I recommend it with all my heart to all ladies who are going to dance away a homecoming night.

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  1. Hi Glee,

    You look fabulous in your Prom dress, and I love the brown and gold combination.

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