Saturday, December 10, 2011

Luha Boutique Pleated Clutch Review

A clutch or purse is now an important element of a woman´s outfit. Without it, she feels like she´s naked. Clutches and purses have evolved into fashion must-haves overtime. There are many modern trends which you can choose from, you can go for ones with studs, metallic, in animal print or girly polka dots and floral versions.

I´ve been approached by the pr guys of Luha Boutique to review one of their clutches. Because I adore this little number, I said yes. I received a green pleated clutch with floral prints as pictured below. And as you can see, it´s very cute and girly.


I´m looking forward to summer so I could amp up a casual summer dress with this item. I would style it with either a sleeveless little black dress with ankle boots or with a blue denim shorts teamed with nude cropped top and ballerina flats.

This pleated clutch is available for only $30CAD, which is very affordable for a clutch. This is one of those affordable pieces which you can mix with some of your invested items.

However, there are two drawbacks that I found necessary to note about this clutch. First, I don´t like the way the zipper was sewn on the cloth, it´s not clean enough. A lot of undesirable threads are protruding off the sides of the zip. Second, the clutch is too soft that it can´t stand on its own. You can´t put in it your lipstick, wallet and eye shadow and expect to hold it like you would normally carry a structured clutch.

In order for you to be confident carrying this clutch, you would have to cut off those unnecessary thread excess and put inside a thick vertical cardboard, or the like, which will provide structure to it, before you put your little stuff.

All in all I found this pleated clutch from Luha Boutique nice and cute. If you´re into girly accessories for less, I would definitely recommend it.

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  1. The clutch is cute, but what I liked most was your sandals! I think because I had a similar pair in a different colour. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. You write like you would speak so it's enjoyable to read.
    -Jen in Bkk, Thailand


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