Friday, February 3, 2012

Where to Get Beautiful Prom Dresses

When it comes to choosing a prom dress for your most awaited prom night, you have to make sure that you pick the perfect dress that is not only beautiful, but it fits right and it flatters your figure. This event happens only once in a life therefore you´ve got to look great so that your partner doesn´t leave his eyes off you.

There are many options when it comes to prom dresses. You can go for a long gown or a short dress, a formal gown or a semi-formal dress. If you have toned arms, you can opt for strapless prom dresses. It´s all about the ambiance of the party and the personality that you´d like to glow.

Prom dresses 2012

Because of plenty of beautiful prom dresses that are available in the market, it can be confusing to pick a dress. There are many online shops for prom dresses but is my favorite. I´ve purchased a dress from this shop last year and it´s very pretty. My dress is Clarisse style 1406. It´s a brown/gold short homecoming dress which is perfect for fall. I love the charmeuse fabric placed on the strpless bodice because it gave the dress a unique look. It has a gold beaded belt and a gold lame net bubble dress. It makes me dance the whole night with grace.

When I ordered the dress, the delivery was quick. It came perfectly wrapped in a long plastic with hanger. The package was completed with extra cloth so that in case I ruin the hem of dress, I have a way to mend it. My dress was a strapless mini dress but the tube didn´t fit my chests right. Since my dress was one size bigger, I worried that it might fall. I needed support. True enough, along with the package were ready-to-attach spaghetti straps for my shoulders. I really adore the shop.

Prom dresses 2012 are influenced by the trend of the season - colors and prints. You´ll see neon dress dress and hot pink high low gowns. There are animal prints, sequined or metallic, printed or mixed print blends Really, your options are endless.

I have a heart for animal prints so I´m really leaning on to wearing an adventurous and fun in all-over leopard print gown by Jovani. This skirt of this number is high low and the neckline is sweetheart. The upper bodice is covered in sequins and crystals. It´s very Hollywood glam.

More than the style and trend, remember that the key in choosing the right prom dress is comfidence and fit. The dress should´t over power your self-confidence. If it fits right, and if you´re comfortable strutting the dress, then you´re guaranteed to enjoy the night.

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