Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebrate Your Graduation with a Great Leavers Hoodie

In high school, I and my friends were not aware of leavers hoodie, we had instead a customized t-shirt with logo design as our souvenir. Our not patronizing leavers hoodie could be attributed to the warm weather in the tropics, it´s always warm enough to wear t-shirts and tops without the need of a sweater or cardigan.

But living in Asia didn´t stop us from making memories for a remarkable high school life. There were about ten in our group and we designed our own logo, we choose the right shirt, and had it done in a t-shirt printing shop. The other "click" groups in our class did the same. It was wonderful.

After working abroad as a high school teacher for how many years, I was introduced to school leavers hoodie.  While there are many shops in the city that offers customized hoodies, I discovered that are much more choices online. I found ordering online better because you can quickly compare prices and see different features from each shop.

Many online shops offer different styles of hoodies for male and females with embroidery, 2 color screen print, and collar lining included. If you find the right shop, they would even offer you an option for contrast lining.

Leavers hoodie is a great momento for your school´s memories and experiences. Because you´ll have it only once in a life, why not go for the best which you´ll cherish for long? It´s a great gift for yourself on your graduation day.

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