Sunday, May 20, 2012

Currently Coveting: Zebra Print Home Decors

I and hubby are currently redesigning our living room. Well, it does not involve changing of wall papers but it´s all about changing our sofas and center table and re-arranging everything to fit.

If you have seen my outfit post, "Styling Zebra Print Top", I featured there our black leather sofa set with animal print covers. I dearly loved this sofa however, the width of its seat wasn´t big enough for me and my husband to lie down together. We love to snuggle when it´s bonding time and often, it´s difficult because the seat was narrow.

Thus we were forced to ditch the leather sofa set and purchased a much bigger L-shape sofa in white and cappuccino colors, which, much to my surprised, was actually a lot bigger than what I and husband expected. We ordered it through the Internet. The delivery guy asked if our entire family was coming for a visit, lol ... But we like this new sofa a lot. It´s pretty and cozy.

Now we come to re-decorating the living room. I really have a big love for animal print and currently, I´m fancying some zebra print pieces to add to my living room. Although I don´t plan to make my living room completely jungle-themed, I´m eyeing a gorgeous zebra print lamp, a carpet, or a zebra print chair.

I love how this zebra print lamp would look against a white wall paper and on top of an ivory working table. It´s very sophisticated.

Zebra print Soho Collection Rug

I was very inspired to see a working office with white wall paper, white table, black swivel chair, and zebra print carpet all over. So, so elegantly cozy!

And of course, a chair. I would love to have this in my working room as a seat to offer to my guest. Isn´t it a picture of beauty?

So what do you think of my current zebra print obsession? Which of the above animal print pieces would you like to add to your room?

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