Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Would You Criticize Donatella Versace´s Sagging Skin, Are You Perfect?

I was in the middle of preparation for my big Deutsch (B1) Test tomorrow when I came across this article, "Donatella Versace: baggy arms till you drop", a translation from German to English, from OMG! site. It disturbs me so much i can´t let it pass, I have to bring my thoughts across.

Oh, and in case you´re wondering how I ended up reading this article when I´m learning for my test, that´s because I use two windows of google translate for my aid, switching windows and occasionally having a break ...

So back to what the OMG writer, Stefi Camden, from Germany wrote ...

The writer criticized  Donatella Versace for going under the knife, injections and perhaps botox to stretch and tighten her face so that now, there´s no movement in her face anymore other than some weird angles at the corners of her mouth.

And yet this OMG! perfect wasn´t content and went on to make fun of Donatella´s saggy arms seen as she made a wave to the photographers. The writer said that the designer invests wrongly only on her face when her flappy arms (which are more in need of fixing) give the spectator goose bumps and that this sight is too scary for the children that they would run hiding or Donatella´s baggy skin would cover them. Seriously? And not only that, this writer concluded that Donadella is not fixing her arms because she´s scared that after the procedure, once the skins are removed, only bones will remain.

It´s a very brave ridicule from such a writer hiding behind the screens, are you perfect? Didn´t it occur to you that those arms only speak of her age and that you too, when you reach her age, will get the same baggy arms? This kind of prejudice against (aged) women is what actually pushes women to go that far if only they could save their beauty because people like OMG! writers have nothing else great going in their lives other than throwing meanness like this.

Why I took offense? Because my grandma has the same loosened skin in her arms but still she looks good for her age, because many elder women with the same baggy arms are great people and they don´t give me goose bumps, and that because this OMG! writer ridicules someone like he/she will never grow old and get wrinkled, baggy skin in the future. Don´t you have wrinkles yet? How about showing me your very recent photo?

Please, before you write such junk article, think very deeply, are you protecting the kids from Donatella´s frightening baggy skin or are you orientating the kids with a VERY prejudice (beauty-wise) mentality.

If you´re writing this for fun, well it isn´t funny!

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