Friday, June 29, 2012

Are You Summer Ready?

This week is officially summer! Our laptops started to heat up easily and I´m now forced to wear tank tops and short shorts at home because it´s warm. Summer is really here. But then comes the question, am I summer ready?

Well, to start with, I´m already on the process of re-organizing my closet making the summer clothes more accessible and as I do so, I re-consider which pieces transition to summer and which trends are already in my closet. To be honest, I figured many hot summer trends are already in my wardrobe. I´m sure it´s the same with you too. There´s no need to copy exactly what´s on the runway and/or on the magazine, just take them as inspirations and see which pieces you already own can actually mimic the trends.

wedges for summer
Then comes to the footwear. I recently added a pair of wedges to my shoe robe because you know, they´re summer must-haves. I´d be wearing these purple/maroon wedges with some of my summer dresses.

floral summer flipflops

I also got myself a new pair of slippers in floral. Yeah, I´m that obsessed with florals. They´re nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but they´re cute. They´re the kind that last for only one season but I´m really good with taking care of my stuff so I´m sure they´ll serve me more than they´re worth. They´d be great company to the public swimming pool once hubby gets his summer vacation. We don´t have beaches here. :(

I´m still needing a gorgeous larger-than-life hat, a beach bag (but in case i wouldn´t find one then I´ll settle with my tropical bag I got from the Phil.), and a white sundress. Btw, make the most of every white pieces you already own and create fresh white summer outfits, it´s a hot trend this season!

How about you? Are you summer ready? How did you prepare your wardrobe for this season?

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