Monday, June 11, 2012

My New Beauty Products Acquisition at a Discount!

You always have a favorite place to shop be it for your clothes, your beauty supplies, or for your grocery needs. For my ten months of living here in Germany, I learned to love a shop. It sells beauty products, accessories and toiletries. It´s introduced to me by my mother-in-law.

Recently I learned that my fave shop is closing due to bankruptcy. The brand has a lot of branches all over Germany and for some reasons, they didn´t make money. It must be due to some wrong decisions made or mis-management. Now they´re selling everything at 30% off and they´ll remain open until everything is sold.

Aside from some kitchen supplies and  toiletries, I also snagged some beauty products and tools. I´m very happy for a new mascara, a liquid eyeliner, some eye shadows and nail polish, and a new straightening iron. I saved quite a price.

If you want to check out some deals and discount codes online, see Steals and Deals of the Week: 6/10/2012, at our blogazine.

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