Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping the Trend at a Discount

Last Tuesday evening, after doing fitness, hubby and I drove to pick up some grocery supply. On our way to the grocery store, my husband noticed the huge 50% off banners plastered across the glass walls of a nearby shopping store. My husband asked if I´d like to have a look, of course I said "yes!". So we did take a look after we´ve bought our grocer.

Unfortunately, it was quite late, exactly eight o´clock and the store was closing. Yesterday evening, after hubby came home, we headed straight to the store to shop their half the price sale.

summer shopping with discount sale

We spent more than an hour delving the store. Hubby shopped for him and I shopped for me. It was so tempting to buy everything, you always think of how much you can save! But at the end of the day, I thought of how much I could spend, instead.

So I stuck to the pieces which I´ve wanted to get and concentrated on them. First, I went to the shoes. I love ballet flats and I´d love to have them in trendy colors and print. I got a pair of mint green and a pair of orange stripes for ballerinas. You know, mint green and stripes are the trend of the season. I also went for brown oxford shoes. There were other shoes that I wished I could buy - summer wedges and heels - but they all ran out of my size.

Then to the belt. Slim contrast-waist belts are quick outfit enhancers so I made sure I got three of them - in turquoise, mustard yellow, and studded navy blue.

I´ve been meaning to buy an orange jacket but the one that I´m fancying from another high-street store is at a price I´m not willing to pay for. I waited for that jacket to go on sale but it didn´t, even until my size ran out of stock. But in this store where we shopped, lo!, and there´s an orange jacket in a quarter of the price of the other orange jacket. I didn´t have double thoughts, I took it. 

And those bags? Yes, they´re the same style in two different colors, mustard yellow and tangerine tango. I couldn´t let go any of them, so I took them both. Their quality is a lot more than their price. The material looks strong. I also brought home a striped cotton (roomy) tee for summer and a high-waisted shorts, denim. For additional accessory, i grabbed a cute nude lace-y scarf and an animal print necktie.

As for hubby, he brought home some goodies too, pants, t-shirts and belts, and he´s quite happy about them. All we paid for half a price.

So you see, when it comes to shopping, patience can pay its price. Just imagine what would I feel if I went for that first orange jacket which looked so similar with this cheaper one I got? But you need to be quick too. Good deals come flying off the racks.

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