Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wear Scarf in a Reversed Girl Scout Tie

I bet you can still remember the feeling of wearing a girl scout uniform? My memories are still fresh. I see myself very excited and nervous whenever there were girl scout competitions during camps. I used to be a kid who dreaded games which measure swiftness, it always frightened the whole lot of me. However, what I loved best about girl scout days was wearing the uniform, and especially tying that girl scout hanky around my neck like a scarf.

Now as an adult, I realized that wearing scarf in a reversed-girl-scout way is also a trend. I call it "reversed" because you simply need a squared scarf or a short rectangular shaped scarf, fold it along the diagonal line, hang it at the back of your neck, tie their ends in front of you, adjust the length of ribbon based on your preference, then rotate and position the ribbon at the back of your neck to give you the look.

Do you tie your scarf this way?

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