Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bag to Splurge: Kate Spade New York Gold Coast, Leighton Shoulder Bag

Pink is a girl´s color. It is polished in itself, it energizes your look and it offers peace. This is the color that´s actually best to wear if you´re having a temper or if you feel sad.

Also, every girl needs a great bag. And i think that this Kate Spade New York shoulder bag in pink is in every inch a great bag.

If I get enough money to secure me a copy of this pink pretty, I´d wear it with an empire waist little black dress. Alternatively, I can wear it with a white summer outfit too. This way, the pinkness stands out and it´s this great bag which will do all the talking.

If I´m into colorblocking this look, it would look great with a a pair of nude skinny pants and a purple top.

This Kate Spade New York Gold Coast-Leighton Shoulder Bag is a dream. At its current price, $468, it´s still out of my price range right now. But I promise to save up.

What about you? Would you wear a pink shoulder bag as girly and as gorgeous as this?

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