Thursday, July 26, 2012

Currently Coveting: Printed Round Neck Shoulder Yoke Dress

Hello girls! Today morning I received a package with a dress for review. It´s a halter dress with the upper part looking very similar to this A. Byer Juniors Printed Round Neck Shoulder Yoke Dress, $54, that I´ve been coveting for a week now.

There are three differences though, first, while the tops are similar my dress for review is halter. Also, unlike this Yoke Dress which skirt is fitted with two side pockets, my dress´skirt is bias and without pockets. Thirdly, my dress is monochromatic instead of printed (I will be publishing the review here so stay tuned).

I love the black and white print of this Yoke dress and the fact that it comes with pockets. I can easily tuck my hands in them. One review of this dress says that while many dresses with pockets don´t fit well, this one is an exemption, it fits nicely as a whole.

I find its belt too patent though so I most probably swap it with my black stretchable belt. I really think that metallic shoes would look perfect with it. Stiletto heels with sexy straps just like what the model is wearing.

I´m prepping for my trip to Paris next month and dresses are in the list.

So what do you think of this round neck Yoke dress. Would you wear it?

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